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Corporate Video Production

The reason is very simple. Every time you turn on your television you see some of the best programmes in the world, so what you see at home every evening becomes the familiar yardstick by which you measure everything else. Most corporate videos just aren't in that league because clients and producers don't bother to go the extra mile to make them as thought provoking and entertaining as their broadcast counterparts.

Not only does Icarus work in the corporate arena but we also produce for some of the major broadcast networks. It's the kind of work that keeps us on our toes and allows us to hone our skills, something that pays dividends for our corporate clients and the reason why we attract some of the biggest and most diverse names in the industry - from E-on to Al Jazeera and from Ikea to Channel 9 Australia.

Promotional Video Production

Getting known is the name of the game and in the right hands visual media is the most powerful tool available. These days just about anyone can produce a promotional video but the question is, will it do the job?

We've had considerable experience in reaching people and pressing all the right emotional buttons. So, before you blow your budget on that idea someone has told
you is an absolute certainty, it may be wise to talk to us.

After all, other than a phone call it's not going to cost you a penny and it could end up putting you on that elusive road to fame and fortune.

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