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About Icarus


Quite a lot actually but first of all thank you for taking the trouble to find us in such a crowded market place.

We make videos, but as you see, so do lots of other people.  The difference with us is that we look at things in a slightly different way.  We begin by taking the time and trouble to understand what clients really want to communicate and then come up with new and exciting ways of getting that message across.  We understand how to harness the power of images; we know how to fire people’s imagination.  We recognise the power of humour and the importance of emotion.  We are at home with motivational techniques and NLP.  The point is anyone can make a video, the question is, will it do the job it’s required for?

Our clients include large corporations, one-man bands, multi-nationals, government departments, pharmaceutical companies, PR agencies, training companies, local authorities, e-commerce clients and of course the major television networks.

You may be a large organisation thinking of updating your corporate video, you could be a small company needing a training video.  Perhaps you are a local authority considering reaching the public with a website video. You might even be a pop group wanting to produce a new promotional video.  From concepts and scripting through shooting and digital editing, we offer the very best in innovative video and multi media productions.

These days the line between video, music, graphics, animation, television and advertising is a very indistinct one.  To view any production in terms of being a corporate video, a training video or a promotional video is to fall at the first hurdle – the world is no longer such a simple place.  For that reason at Icarus we draw on the skills of many people outside the area traditionally described as video production.  Graphic designers influence our training videos, music composers are involved at the beginning of a corporate production rather than the end and we don’t just use the sound man to record on the shoot.  Instead they lay a rich background of sounds into promos and web videos that describe the scene in just as much detail as much as any high definition camera can ever do.

At Icarus we are passionate about video production and multi-media.  No job is too large or too small and we’re particularly interested in getting involved with projects in the very early stages.  Experience has shown that it’s then we can be of greatest value, often by suggesting a slightly different approach that ends up making the mundane more exciting and the financially unachievable a distinct possibility.


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