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Training Videos...

Inspiring or just plain boring?

Ever noticed how the words training video and boring usually go hand in hand? Someone somewhere seems to have decided that subjects like Health & Safety or Food Hygiene or for that matter anything requiring training, are far too serious to be entertaining.  What they miss of course is that boring just doesn’t help people learn, in fact very much the opposite.

Video is a powerful medium so combined with tingly scripts laced with a smattering of humour and something called NLP – it’s the psychology of how we tick – we love to debunk the theory that learning can’t be fun. 

Beginning with meticulous research – we have to learn the subject before we can pass it on – followed by some very clever script writing, we utilise a variety of techniques to subtly get the serious message across while making sure everyone enjoys the learning experience.

While it’s always assumed that it’s pop, travel or advertising rather than training videos that are the coolest things to shoot, we’ve helped people have great fun in learning how to do new tasks and shed old habits.  From how to avoid electrocution at the UK’s leading energy company to keeping hair out of the product for Europe’s largest cream cake manufacturer. We’ve even produced a training video to help utility companies up and down the country repair faulty sewage pumps, as well as avoiding the dreaded blow-back if the wrong valve is opened.

So if you want a training video that educates rather than bores, then this is the place to start.

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